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Digital Executive Protection

Cybercore International combines two distinct yet closely related security disciplines in the realms of physical and cyber security. In order to fully shield our VIPs, it is imperative to secure their digital presence on both the surface and dark web in addition to their physical safety. To this end, we meticulously seek to improve our resilience in both disciplines to better protect our principals.

We currently specialise in two essential areas of security:


Executive And Dignitary Protection

Residential Security Team (RST)

  • Comprehensive protection for individuals and families in and around their homes. 

Travel Security

  • Domestic and international. Pre-trip risk assessments and on-the-ground security arrangements.

Secure Transportation

  • Professional drivers enabling discreet transport to any destination, minimising security risks along the way.

Corporate/Executive Events

  • Corporate functions, conferences, and high-profile gatherings. Access control, crowd management, etc.

Security Assessments (Residential/TSCM) 

  • Examine existing security posture and recommend security enhancements. Detection and neutralisation of electronic eavesdropping devices.

Medical Program (EMT)

  • EMT-certified agents trained to handle both minor situations and medical emergencies.

24/7 Managed Security Operations Center (SOC)

  • Enhancing coordination and round-the-clock surveillance.

Bellboy Service

Cybersecurity and Global INtelligence


  • Non-invasive risk assessment to examine existing infrastructure and catalogue assets.


  • Enhance existing security hygiene.

  • Countermeasures against doxxing, swatting, DDoS and other forms of online harassment.

  • Honeypots.


  • Cyber Threat Intelligence Research and Analysis (OSINT).

  • Social Media Monitoring (counter fakes, threat awareness, account takeover prevention and remediation) using AI assisted discovery techniques

  • Monitoring surface and dark web forums for emerging threats, indicators of compromise (IoC), exposed travel plans, etc.


  • Detecting and removing exposed personal information(PII) sold by 3rd parties.

  • Remove impersonations, fraudulent or offensive content on social media accounts.

  • Providing real time intel from SOC to agents in the field so that they can better protect their clients.

  • Mitigation techniques to quarantine threats, soften impact, and prevent further damage. 


  • Restoration of compromised/lost documents, communications, and intellectual property through backups, data recovery tools, and forensic analysis techniques.

  • Bringing impacted digital systems (eg. websites) and infrastructure back to a secure and functional state.

  • Incident analysis to improve predictive security measures. 

  • Clear communication with appropriate parties, in order to coordinate security efforts. 

Other Services

  • Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing Services 

  • Training Programs (Cyber Warfare Range In a Box) 

  • In-House Warfare Range (Simulations, Live Exercises) 

  • Research and Development in AI and drones

  • University collaboration with the brightest minds


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