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Our Security Operations Center (SOC) serves as an intelligence hub for a clients' network in real-time. Our SOC will identify, prioritize and respond to all cybersecurity threats.

Vulnerability Patch Assistance and Monitoring

Provide guidance on patching vulnerabilities or our cyber teams can patch them. We can also provide regular vulnerability patching with a monthly subscription.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is the initial phase which is to conduct a reconnaissance and discovery of available information outside of the clients' network.

WiFi Testing

Our cyber teams will conduct onsite testing of your WiFi network to include the use of a smart mobile device to hack into the clients' network and demonstrate the vulnerability/access to critical systems.

Vulnerability Exploitation and Assessment

Our cyber teams will test all vulnerabilities subject to client-approval. The validation/exploitation processes are necessary to avoid false positives and ensure validity.

Cyber Intelligence and Threat Assessment

Research the environment using publicly available data sources to include social media that allow exploitation via 3rd parties.

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